the way I see...

The intake for short-courses in INTEC this 2009 session is around 273 students..the majority students enrolled are from Middle East Programme (MEP). Other programmes included for this intake are- Russian and Korean Programme.
Basically, the MEP itself divided into two countries; Jordan (MEJ) and Egypt (MEG). I'm a MEG student; MEG5, to be specific.

English for pre-medical students,
Arabic (informal),
Introduction to Islam and Medicine,
Civilization in Medicine,
Computer Literacy...

those are the subjects that I have to learn here, in INTEC..although less than the subjects I've taken last year for SPM..but these subjects definitely 'heavier'! huuu.

my emotion...
it's all mixed up!

to learn more things and explore something new..
meet new people, new friends
with differrent..
way of study?
and lots more..
it's biodiversity..haha

because now somehow...
I'm entering new 'life'..
(I have to bid goodbye to those SCHOOOL LIFE...)

in doubt..
whether I can get along with new friends? haha
catch up the the syllabus with the fast-paced lecture in class?
learn the spoken arabic (Egpyt) for communication?
and..many more..huhu

But still, you have to keep believe in yourself when others are doubting you, right?
because if you don't believe in yourself, who else?

that's how it suppose to be...

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campus life vs school life

It's already end of May...and it's been nearly two weeks since I've been enrolled to INTEC; International Education Centre, UiTM. fast time pass me by.. I feel like as if it was yesterday I was still wearing my school uniform..haha. Oh, I really miss my schooldays! this situation reminds me to a song from the 80's - 'Everything is beautiful when it's gone away'..and it makes me smiling when those schooldays memories came across my mind.

People grown up, don't they?
from childhood to adolescence then to adulthood...see? as a university student isn't always as enjoyful as people used to think.. "Campus Life".. what a well-known means freedom, no more school uniform, no more school assembly and so on..

but still, "school life" and "campus life" is totally different's a serious matter to talk about. huhu

yeah, indeed.. basically, the main purpose is still the same; that is to STUDY, LEARN and LEARN! but it just the matter of how you do it, makes the whole world of different..

here in INTEC (UiTm), I can see that it's the matter of how smart you can manage yourself ensure your 'survival' in your can't depends on your lecturer alone because once you've become a university student everything is depend on yourself...that's a challenge for us, fresh school-leavers..huhu

you have to be alert and always on the go..expect the unexpected..
no matter what happens...

"life is too short, grudges are a waste of a perfect happiness, laugh while you can, apologize when you should. Love something deeply and forgive quickly. Take chances! Life is too short to be unhappy. Take and instill good values, always smile! Be grateful and remember what you have. Learn through others and mistakes, improve yourself... People changes and things go wrong..but LIFE GOES ON!"

p/s: here are some sweet memories from "minggu mesra siswa" (MMS)

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