campus life...

i wonder
who is the first person
dt start to use the
phrase "campus life"?
somebody from Einstein's era?
from Mars? Earth?
or who?

do inform me if you know..

i wonder

thinks bout dz "campus life"...

see things in "campus life"?
in wt perspective? any philosophy behind dt phrase?

erm..i dunno.

all i can say...
til dz moment, being a pre-medical student in INTEC, UiTM..
for bout more than one month..


1. tiring - hectic!
2. challenging - "adventure"!
3. full of risk - da higher the risk, da higher the gain, perhaps?
4. exciting
5. a new experience
6. a turning point of life - bid farewell to school life.
7. an oppoturnity
8. preparation
and others..
you can do some 'brainstorming' bout this topic...hee.

later then..
hv a nice day..

p/s: hv lots of assignment! quizzes!
wish me good luck..

" May Allah s.w.t bless us in health, body and soul..."
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part 2

although dz event - last week...i still wanna share some details bout da event..hihi...d way i c it, my experience.

21st-24th JUNE 2009...

10 languages! awesome!
don't look down at this event..hihi
hundreds of contestants..
hundreds of speeches..
different speech..
different people..
came from different background
with one aim...
deliver speech and talks
to be in

I love to talk...haha.
so the first moment k.syarifah farah nabilah and k.anis (facilitator 4 group 20 & 21) told my group n I dt there'll b such event (52hrs..non stop public speaking) during "Minggu Mesra Siswa" frenz n i were very excited!
hello...this event is an attempt to be in MALAYSIA BOOK OF RECORDS and it can be in GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS too..hehe. chance of a life time!

afterwards...when there's official ads bout dz event..flyers..etc..
my frenz and i submit our name the commitee.

but day, Ulya came to my class asked us to join dt event..coz there somehow and somewhat "shortage" of participants from MEP classes.. i wasn't in my class yet dt early morning..but that's wt my classmates told me..

so...when afiq (class rep) ask the members of meg 5 "who wanna join dt event...?"..
spontaneously...something came across my mind and i juz shoot it..voice it out loud.. "hey, y dun all of us join dt event..the more the merrier..haha..".. actually it was juz a way to avoid any "victim" to represent our class..haha.

so..the result..altogether - 24 of us join dt event..hehe

but when the name lists was there -on the notice heart sank.. name wasn't there! huwaa..but then i managed to be da backup..hee..haha. bro azizi, bro yuzairi (jz to say few names) already knew me because i asked them a lot bout the event and bout my chances as backup...

y'know wt?
my deep interest in debates and talks keep me on the right track..hee..

dt morning, da 2nd day of the event..i juz went to ask if there's any chance 4 me as a backup to giv my speech.. but looks like i jz hv to wait for phone calls.
luckily there's a guy who want to change his speech time..and within split second..i replaced his actual time to giv speech (at noon) haha..

that noon, i delivered my speech in arabic..not bad..haha. even i, myself can't imagine i gv speech in arabic..becoz b4 dz i juz get involved in english talks, english debate.. ermmm..another starting point for me to get used of arabic language perhaps..there's always room for learning and improvement..rite? hehe

be confidence..
hv passion in wteva dat u do!
n lots more!

jz wanna share dt..

u r not alone in dz world..
there's many people out there..
who hv different way of thinking
and different way in
seeing things in life..

try something new..

do mingle with others
get to know each other
so that u'll b more exposed
to how sweet ur life is
when u live your life
in da rite way..

from dz event i've learned a lot..
it's more than juz speech
more than jz received certificate
or free t-shirt...
but in a whole
it's another new experience!

til next post..

p/s: my name! it's in MALAYSIA BOOK OF RECORDS! hehe
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part 1

first thing first..
familiar with dz word? haha
ermm...last week..
there's a "ROLE PLAY DAY"..
but puhleez (please)...
it's in arabic!
during arabic class wif ustaz Januddin..
my groupmates: nisa

"dun wori..stay firm.,"i told myself.
way to go gurlz!

"wt kind of role play dt we should do?"
"at bus station? restaurant? airport or wat?"
we laughed here and there during the discussion..haha

at was a situation in a restaurant hd been chosen.
nisa and dayah: the customers (hehe)
pipah and me: waitress (haha)
faeznur: receiptionist (hoho)
bihah: the cook (hihi)

here are some of the pictures taken during our role play..

hehe..mission accomplished.
to be continued...
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good day!

good day!
erm...i dunno y lately i luv to write bout life..'s becoz my life isn't da same anymore..
new xprience evryday..every minutes..round da clock..
for example...
lotta things happened last 2 weeks...
wait for next post..haha.
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Life changes every minute of every day.

You lose friends & you gain friends.

You realize your friend wasn’t ever really your friend,
& that person you used to hate can make a really good friend.

You look for love.
You find love & you lose love.
You realize all along that you’ve been loved.

You laugh, you cry.
You laugh so hard that you cry.

You do this, you do that.
You really wish you hadn’t dont that.
You then learn from that & are glad that you did.

You have your ups & you have your downs.

You see good movies & you see bad movies.
You wonder if your life is just one big movie.

You look at others & wish you were them.
You then realize who they are & are glad that you’re you.
You love life and you hate life.

In the end, you just find yourself being happy to be living life, no matter what is thrown at you.
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"Life is like trampoline..sometimes you have to be low enough to exert the force so that in the end you'll be higher enough to the top...but, look before you leap and think before you act.."

life. it's simple. live your life. it's not that hard, right?
but stil, if things in life are just as easy as ABC and do re'll lead a dull yet very tedious life..because, if things are easy to get and there's no challenge or adventure to get it..people tend to take it for granted and don't appreaciate it..

i look
i see.. life in INTEC, is getting busier day by day..sometimes I feel down as there's pressure everywhere (we're trying to tone down the rising tense, luckily haha)- assignments, presentations, quizzes, final exam? what's more? say it. huhu.
quitting and failure isn't my option. i am very grateful to have supportive people around me and yet a very conducive environment to study..

i look
i see

life isn't about giving excuses.. things like this is just a beginning for us (pre-medical students)and that's what keeps me going on under the pressure.. things will be tougher everytime you celebrate your birthday (older! haha that's the fact).. those hard times are the experience that will add colours & 'spices' in your life..

there's always room for improvement,
just grab the chance once you have it.

yesterday was a gift,
today is a present,
tomorrow will remain as a mystery..

may tomorrow will be better than today,
today is better than yesterday...

til next post.
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have you...?

1. Have you ever feel like being left behind and whenever you try to catch up…it’s like you’ll never reach it?

2. Sometimes, you feel like you understand something, but unfortunately…reality says you’re not?

The truth is that…

That’s how I felt when I answered the first quiz for Biochemistry… it’s all messed up, feeling lost the moment I read the question. I just simply answer the question, but I can’t answer it the way I supposed to.. When Ms. Alia, my lecturer said, “time’s up. Submit your paper..” I felt like as if I had just woke up from my worst nightmare! It was like… Oh my God! What I’ve done? I’m ruining marks and my grades?! Huhu

It’s frustrating.


Come to think of it, again…

In other perspective, I mean..

I can conclude that;

· Don’t make assumption that you understand it (the lessons)…

· Be smart in doing your notes.

· Stay focused, stay alert.

Lesson learn.

Wish me good luck!

Never give up...

"Allah test us many ways..for every pain He gave us, there will be something behind it. He knows what's best for you.. So, whenever you're down or feeling that everything's going wrong, it's just His way to keep your spirit strong! whatever happens, always bring yourself back to Allah..."

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It's not easy to be a doctor...same goes being a teacher, a pilot or even being a jobless person.
there's nothing easy in this matter whatever it is, there's always challenges and obstacles throughout your life.. it comes in many ways.

Everything is special in their own way, look it in a different perspective..and you'll see it.
live your life, and be grateful..

being a doctor..
there's a lot of things
to think about..
to ponder..
the roles of doctors,
as well as their rights..

dealing with life, doctors should be alert.
give the best treatment, don't take things for granted.

"Life-long learning"
keep up to date.
and educate others.

smile! because it makes a world of difference.
don't be judgemental..
be friendly, be courteous.
it's all about communication, be flexible.

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"Nervousness is normal, it's just how you channeled your nervousness makes a difference..."

that was what ms. hasnaa (our English lecturer) told us the very moment my classmates and I finished our presentation and self-reflection session... it's the first presentation, about the cultural beliefs in medicine - Malay, Chinese and Indians...

it's the first presentation...and indeed everybody was nervous..shaking and sweating..huhu. but still, ms. hasnaa stressed that it's not nervousness that matters because you can channeled it in a right way - body gestures, voice projection, eye contact and many more..

in another words...we can control our nervousness!

From the first presentation, I could see that everyone giving their best..but still, there's always room for improvement. there's so much information regarding the cultural beliefs that I gained..

lesson learnt.

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I prefer reading and talking to WRITING!
I admit it.
for that reason..
the very moment my English lecturer, Ms. Hasnaa inform us that we need to do a journal..
my jaw dropped!
a journal?
electronic (blog) or traditional?
and finally..
it's a blog that has been chosen.
1 or 2 entries or more per week.
Ermm..there's something fishy going on here..
ahah! guess what?
this blog includes in the assessment needed for the subject..
see? I told you!
That moment..
I was like.. way!
I'm not good in writing..
and expressing myself through writing is not my cup of tea..
I have my own blog..
my own sites..
my own URL..
do you have any?
ask yourself..hoho.
thanks to my lecturer
because she did ask my friends and I to do our own blog..
if not, I won't have my own blog..
my own URL...
and I'm writing every weeks...
somehow and somewhat..
now I could see why she asked us to do so..
  1. so that we're not IT+Computer illiterate. (hehe)
  2. we know how express ourselves (long-term effect)
  3. practice English.
  4. for our goodsake! (of course! hehe)
well..wish me good luck! :)
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