usah berharap?
tros berharap?

should or shouldn't i?

itula antara konflik kehidupan.

manusia...hamba kpd al-Khaliq.
nak jugak berharap walopon cakap xya berharap..
hakikat kehidupan...kte berharap dan tros berharap.
cme yg membezakan - apa yg kte harapkan..stuju?

dalam certain perkara yg xya berharap...
akan terdetik jugak rse nak berharap...npe ea?
kte masih berharap sbb kte manusia, insan yang
(you're dealing with a creature full of emotion..get real.)

hakikatnye, pe yg kte buat - will bring us back to HIM
so, kalo kte nak berharap ponn - kne de hubungan dgn ALLAH.
He's our Creator, the Knower of All.

kalo dgn berharap itu, mnjadikan hubungan kte lbeyh dekat dgn al-Khaliq
kalo dgn berharap itu, mnjdkan kte lbeyh bersyukur dgn ar-Rahman
kalo dgn berharap itu, kte akan lbeyh beriman dgn sifat ar-Rahim
jadi dengan berharap itu, tiada salahnye...stuju?

kalo dengan berharap itu, mnjdkan kita insan yang sebalikny
ayuhh...sme2 renung kembali..mungkin ada sesuatu...
sesuatu yang xkne lam perkara brnme - harapan.

hati mahupun perasaan.
kejayaan mahupun kekecewaan.
kebahagiaan mahupun kesedihan.
pemergian mahupun kepulangan.

cme apa yang kte niat dalam sebuah harapan - itu yg membezakan.
cara kte works towardz dt hope - dt's make a real difference.

ALLAH s.w.t jua lah tempat kte berharap.
moga ALLAH s.w.t tetapkan hati ini pada jalanNya...ameen~
p/s: mohon maaf salah dan silap.

[Allah:is sufficient] [Allah:no god but He] [Allah:trust in] [Allah's attributes:Exalted in Power and Might] [Allah's attributes:Lord of the Throne of Glory Supreme]

  • 9:129 But if those [who are bent on denying the truth] turn away, say: "God is enough for me! There is no- deity save Him. In Him have I placed my trust, for He is the Sustainer, in awesome almightiness enthroned." (at-taubah)
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    amount of blood pumped by
    each ventricle per minute
    a.k.a my cardiac output is still sufficient.
    my heart is still beating..i'm still alive.

    It's already the 13th week in year 2010.
    by next week, it's already April..huargh!

    mggu neyh xm jekk (actually cam kuiz ahh)
    physiology: shocked xm cardiovascular
    biochemistry: end-course xm
    histology: data show xm..

    p/s: done..tawakkal ohh~
    now, blaja dan tros blaja!

    i'm still searching for the right soul,
    blaja nk menjadi dewasa seiring usia;
    growing up bsme masa...huuu~

    being a grown up is rilly a tough thing
    to handle, to face..hey, dt's reality..huh.
    - conflict is everywhere; no conflict, no life.

    oOh..sila ketahuankan diri anda.
    it's your attitude uhh..
    bukan salah Satan, salah diri yg lemah!
    mujahadah oit..!

    [Allah's promise] [Satan:fails in his promise]

  • 14:22 And when everything will have been decided, Satan will say: "Behold, God promised you something that was bound to come true! I, too, held out [all manner of] promises to you -but I deceived you. Yet I had no power at all over you *: I but called you-and you responded unto me. Hence, blame not me, but blame yourselves. It is not for me to respond to your cries, nor for you to respond to mine: for, behold, I have [always] refused to admit that there was any truth in your erstwhile belief that I had a share in God's divinity." Verily, for all evildoers there is grievous suffering in store.
  • * In his commentary on this passage, Razi remarks: "This verse shows that the real Satan (ash-shaytan al-asli) is [man's own] complex of desires (an-nafs): for, Satan makes it clear [in the above] that it was only by means of insinuations '(waswasah) that he was able to reach [the sinner's soul]; and had it not been for an already-existing [evil] disposition due to lusts, anger, superstition or fanciful ideas, these [satanic] insinuations would have had no effect whatsoever."(Quran Ref: 14:22 )

    >> moga hati yang pernah suatu ketika jaoh drMu ini kembali kpdMu.
    dan moga Kau tetapkan hati ini pd jlnMu, ya ALLAH..ameen~

    _salam mujahadah buat smue_
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    tetiba aku rindu mereka
    tetiba aku tringat kt dorg


    sahabat2 seSKM
    *yg buat reunion tyme aku tadak*
    nafis, wajj, ajim, wan
    ijat, dilah, bila n otherz
    aku rindu ott kat korg
    ade yg 7 taon aku xjumpak uhh

    sahabat2 seMMAS dan laen2
    aku rindoO kt korg weit..siyez.
    zaman skola menengah aku yg mcm2 citer
    skarang masing2 da merata2..
    sesungguhnya, kumerindui kalian semua!
    nyz, onie, shath, sayyid, mue, teynn, mei lin, dayah, nomuzaza,
    pqah, kamila, muna, ijat, mowk, kd dan ramai g..
    misz ya lotz!

    tapi ntah nape laaa...
    aku tringat sgt kt sorg sahabat aku neyh.
    yang kali terakhir aku jumpak tyme f5
    yang lahir pada 3 Zulkaedah 1411, khamis
    huhhu ada yg ckp 2 zulkaedah
    *tatao la btul ke x tarikh neyh*
    aku tao l8ly aku da bnyk wt salah kt beliau
    mebi sbb tuu beliau da smaken menjaoh
    aku tatao cene nk balas budi baek beliau
    yang bnyk gak tolong aku
    aku slalu pk mcm2, aku slalu ckp mcm2 kt beliau
    tp beliau sentiasa cool, positif je...
    siyezly itu buat aku jelez.

    aku nk amek kesempatan neyh
    nk mintak maaf kt smue.
    maafkan insan ini ehh.


    arigatou ohh
    korg stil lg bshbt ngn aku
    stil contact aku, fb, ym, msgs.
    tellin me to believe in myself
    when others are denying me
    walopon aku neyh ntah pape
    siyezly, aku rindoO
    aku rindoO korg...
    syukran, jzkk

    may ALLAH swt bless dz bond here and thereafter
    ameen ya rabb~ misz ya!

    *lets pray for our success regardless of diff. path taken*
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    only now...
    she could see clearly..
    crystal clear, huh? dunno.

    hey, better late than never...rite?
    little is better than none, sah?

    She knew that by failing her exams she could jeopardize her whole future....
    failure isn't an option for her right now.
    but still, the external and internal factors keep blocking her ways.

    wt if her failure could be a fitnah for her religion?
    surely her future here and thereafter would be affected.
    that's called a total loss, total damaged..ruined everything.

    not to mention
    her failure would break some one's heart
    her parents, her relatives, her teachers, her best friends
    her loved ones back in Malaysia.

    she's trying to get away from
    the guilts that still haunts

    lets hope and pray
    that she'll manage to get through all of this

    it's time for her to walk her talk.
    let them be...let it be.
    time to act, before it's too late.
    May ALLAH swt bless her in health, body and soul..
    ameen~ doubt..
    smile, it makes a world of difference.

    she's being left behind
    now she's no one
    being left alone
    let her start from zero to hero, mumkin?

    ask ALLAH for a stronger back - this path isn't as easy as it seems to be.
    people changes and things went wrong, but life goes on!
    stop denying the facts, live with it!

    lets do the best
    leave all the rest to ALLAH the Almighty.

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    jgn laa penink
    jgn laa memusing.
    aku xmo amek aspirin lg..
    aku xmo being left behind sbb xdpt g klas

    jgn laa merajok.
    jgn laa diam cm ari tuu lg
    xkeruan aku dibuatmuu ari tuu
    tetibe contacts ilang all msgs lesap
    ohh...ko amat bermakna - bnyk kngn.

    aku mtk maaf..
    slalu xsempat, xlarat.
    aku slalu bukak ko lambat2.
    ohh, buku!! pasni kte study sme2 ea!

    ko mmg mcm2
    tlg laa...jgn tertarik pdnya.
    stakat biase2 sudeyhh lerr oit..
    sle gnekn die lam mode gnbtte!
    xya tensen2...huhuu.

    moga ALLAH swt tetapkan hati ini pd jlnNya...ameen~
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    at last....?

    at last!
    stil hv d chance to blaja sth related ngn physics stuff gak! hee
    smlm, 170310 - biophysical - physiology lecture!

    aku euphoria siott...
    senyum, sengih smue ahh + makan wafer tyme lecture!

    Sblum ni physiology of cardiovascular system wif Prof. Dr . Abd Moniem
    tp smlm da masok physiology of vascular system wif Prof. Dr. Hany Gamal

    heee~ pnye laa xcited ott..smpei msg owg mesia..hehe.
    sorry..mesti penat enn kwn ngn insan ntah pape neyh..huhu.

    da jumpak kembali





    n even equation siap de

    pi ohh!

    (ceyh, pi je ponnn)

    tp, sitezly ckp ott
    ingt senang ke nk jumpak
    menda alah -pi- neyh lam medic huh?!!

    eh2...rindOo add math ahh plak!
    dan aku bwu tao (=sedar ahh)
    pi= it is a mathematical constant that change proportionality to equality!

    yeah, aku dalam bidang medic - dts d facts!
    lets forget the "road not taken" okeyh?
    ALLAH, He's The Knower of All
    He knows wts best for you!
    cheer up, be grateful...act like one.


    ''Alhamdulillah, maseyh lg idup: SA node stil hantar impulse kt heart n heart dpt contract, n pons n medulla pon stil function so still able to breath, respire"-sesi tazkirah Dr. Akma comey

    Alhamdulillah 'ala kulli hal...
    mOga ALLAH tetapkan hati ini pada jalanNya. ameen~

    p/s: cg physics- cg. Haron n cg Paridah!!
    cg +m3 - cg. Syukran a.k.a cg Lon, cg. Fauzi, Cg Ridzuan!! mekaseh cikgu!!

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    aku yg cari masalah
    or masalah tuu yg dtg kt aku?



    masalah yg ko ckp neyh mmg btul mslh ke?
    ntah2 masalah tuu peluang utk ko upgrade diri ke enn?

    cehh...bajet maintain ahh..
    tp btul pe aku

    pehal uhh?
    serabott je ko.
    ketidakbetulan diri agakny..

    woitt..stabil uhh...
    kalo FINAL EXAM nk dekat da...
    MATI tuu lg laa

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    Ya, kurenung dan kurenung kembali...
    aku memang hambaMu yang jahil dan khilaf..

    Aku melupakan Engkau..
    hakikatny, Engkau sentiasa memerhati dan melindungiku...
    tyme aku merapu, tyme aku sengal dan menyengalkan,
    tyme aku ntah pape, evrytyme...
    evry now n then...
    you're always there...

    Kebahagiaan yang aku rasa,
    seringkali aku celebrate ngn insan-insan tersayang,
    sampai aku lupa pada Engkau, pemilik kebahagiaan itu.
    pemilik yg patot aku celebrate lebeyh2 lg...
    'naseb baek', 'yeay' kadangkala mendahului Alhamdulillah.
    it's juz a simple word - but dt's d thing yg slalu terabai.

    Kekecewaan yang aku rasa jugakk,
    menyebabkn ku hilang pertimbangan lalu lupa
    bahawa diriMu selaku kaunselor utamaku,
    aku menafikan hakMu sebagai tempat pertama
    dan utama untuk meluah rasa...

    Maafkan aku al-Khaliq,
    kiranya aku mengecewakan diriMu
    sebagai Tuan pada hamba yang sungguh rendah tahap kehambaanNya.

    today...semangat bagai nk rak - aku sedar.
    tomorrow..lepas smngat yg rak tuu ilang - aku lupa.
    Hari ini, aku menjadi hambaNya yang paling bersyukur.
    Hari esok, akulah yang paling kuat menyakitkan hatiNya dan merosot prestasinya.

    biarlah sedikit namun istiqamah..cene nk yg bnyk kalo yg sket pon xterjaga...huhuu~

    but bear in mind...
    diri, tolong sedar..
    walk your talk.

    Astaghfirullah... Ya ALLAH, moga Kau tetapkan hati ini pada jalanMu...u noe wt's best 4 me, for u're my Creator...dan jadikanlah aku dalam kalangan hambaMu yg beryukur dan beramal seperti hambaMu yg bersyukur...moga ilmu yg kupelajari dapat membuang kejahilan diriku ini dan ilmu tersebut bermanfaat buat hamba2Mu yg laen...ameen~

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    i know....

    I know you've been busy, I had things to do too.

    We haven't talked for some time, I wonder if everything's fine...

    I had other stuff on me mind, I'm sure you did too,

    but I just had to tell you this, my friend...

    hey, I miss you!


    I notice that -

    i constantly wondering how you are doin,

    then sitting alone with my mind set so far,

    reminiscing about your smile, your voice...

    I'm missing you too much, i guess!

    I can't explain y - coz even i dunno y...

    would I be out of line if I said I miss you, huh?

    clinging on to sanity but crossing d lines, again?


    i'm juz afraid of losing those who are close to me

    well, a friend of mine keep on telling me to expect the unexpected

    be grateful, love and appreciate things that u have

    coz u'll never noe whether u're stil here when tomorrow comes.

    stop denying d facts, live with it.


    ALLAH grant me the serenity to accept things that i cannot change;
    courage to change the things that i can
    and wisdom to know the difference.
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