That hurts me from inside. Really.

That hurts me from inside. Really.
but who cares?
lyke anyone cares, huh?

it was lyke lalala~
wt a dilemma *sigh*

well..i'm sick of diz.
dt gaze, dt look.
those wordz, those whispers.


am i
clinging to sanity but crossing d lines?

hey, i noe right now u can't tell
but wud u juz gimme chance?

i noe dark things
a lot or a few...nah, who cares?
things dt i shudn't noe
well, dt's wt THEY said.
but, if u dunno THESE things
how u gonna approach them?

perhapz, coz i noe THESE things
i've been carried away


but, alhamdulillah
now my days are better than thosedays, insyaALLAH.

*moga ALLAH ttpkn hati ini pd jlnNya, ameen*

but the dark side of me - it's stil there
dt's y til dz day i stil get dt very gaze wtsoeva

has dark side n dark ages
stop denyin d facts.
live with it.


for the sake of ummah...
please dun b so judgemental, wud ya?

stay a while, and maybe you'll see a different side of me
i wanna b a good gurl, good muslimah and good doctor toO!

Oo..ALLAH grant us strength to get thru dz things
endowed us wif knowledge

p/s: alhamdulillah post ini bjaya smpi ke ujong dgn penggunaan ayatt2/pkataan yg "tuttt" secara minimum, dan kumengambil mse yg amat lme utk meminimumkan penggunaan perkataan supaya aku xde ahh letak ayatt tuu...ckuplah sket2..yg lbeyh simpan wt latent heat, latent emo.

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Afiqah said...

take care tiq..b strong dear..