if it's a war that you ask, 
then it's a war that you get. 
may i know, just why you did this to me?
I'm not that strong to be in this war. 
but if I have to, I'll do whatever it takes. 
I'll let myself prepared, ready to face it.
or should i just calm down, sit and forget?
*peace* and let bygones be bygones, huh?
confused; but I'm not that  noble. damn.
i need to know. seek the truth - from you.
so, if it's war that you ask then it's a war that you get.
no matter what kind of war~ i don't care.

is this what that you really feel, dear?
i know how does it feels to be in your situation.
yeah, that very situation.

Moga ALLAH campakkan ketenangan dan kekuatan dalam diri,
dalam menghadapi mehnah dan tribulasi,
dalam proses mematangkan diri 
dalam usaha mencari jalan menuju Rabbi.

p/s: nyz a.k.a my dear hanis...jangan sedih sayang. I'll stand by you. I do care, and i do love you for who you are - my friend, the best one. my sista! we laugh, we cry - together, okay? don't keep it to yourself, let it out. I'll always be there, by your side no matter how far we are. have a safe journey back home!:)

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