Guess wt?
I had another new experience! Hehe.. I’ve been away from INTEC n Cemara for the whole week! escape from the hectic life in INTEC perhaps?

Actually, I’m gone for a course. It’s a must. I attended the ‘Biro Tatanegara’ course.

There’s 121 participants (MEP students – except MEJ5, MEG4 n MINDEF scholars). The first and second day, there’s talks (4 talks to b precise) group n no LDK.. n all of us had our test when the talks were over..

We were divided into 12 groups..haha.
My group: 002 – naufal (L), naim, ariff, muiz, kim, najwa aiman, w.n.izzah, fathin aqilah, shafaf n me.
Facilitator: En. Halig

although it was like learning History subject for SPM...but the real thing is dt..i learned more than juz wt i've learned from the text book! those private and confidential things were also revealed..some of the facts make my jaw dropped..huhu

thought dt you know everything bout your country dt you called your motherland?

Ask yourself, how much you know bout your country..

Nothing much to say..
we should realized how important the meaning of unity, country and sovereignty!

"those who forget the past are condemn to repeat it" George Santayana.
learn from the past!

til next post..

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Anonymous said...

Are you certain that what you have been told in the camp is true? Facts can be distorted if you do not seek out the truth and blindly believe what is being told to you.