rOLe pLAy?!

140709, Monday.
I had done my role-play with my partner, mastura...
The title for my role-play was Breaking Bad News: Lung cancer!

Me, myself as Dr. NO NAMe and Mastura as Mr. Mike JAMbU (turn no.5)..

the story (role play) started with a preview of Mike's lifestyle n attitude - at his house and at the factory (he work there, of course!)...then at the end of that preview - he (mastura) cough up bleeding!

then, he came to my office a.k.a MY CLINIC (hehe)...i was surprised, n didn't expect him...because he had moved to we had a little 'chit-chat' bout the new house...and then I started asking him bout his problems, symptoms, medication, lifestyle and lot ta more dt related to his health history..

then, I told him dt there will be X-ray, blood test as well as sputum test (tumour biopsy - for lung cancer), the big problem came when he came to take his medical check-ups's time to break the bad news! huhu..well, mr. Mike Jambu refused to accept the facts that he hd been diagnosed with lung cancer and he don't want to die yet coz he has THREE WIVES, 15 SONS and XX DAUGHTERS (can't remeber the figures - too many haha)...luckily Dr. NO NAmE managed to control the situation although Mr. Mike Jambu acted as if he wanna hv a fight with me! hahaha

so, later on...i gave him my advice as well as the ways to quit smoking (he smoke a lot - min a box per day!) e.g nicotine treatment therapy etc...and other thins that I suggested to him was - exercise (jogging, aerobics n POCO-POCO haha), drinks lots of water n wear mask (especially when he wanna go to work!)..a chemotherapy (a treatment using radiation to kill the cancerous cells) treatment session was arranged for him.

and about weeks after that, we came across each other at the park...and Mike asked me to teach him the pocopoco's steps...erm...i was waiting for my sisters (additional actress) but they didn't show up! hahaha but luckily they found Mr. mike and me at the 'Park' hahahaha then, all of us did the pocopoco..hahaha.

That was the story.
it was done in 19 minutes.
Hope dt everybody enjoyed it!

nisa comey! hehe

thankz everyone!
to miss hasnaa
to my partner - MaStURa (ms. FrEnzy),
as well as to nisa for the coat,
bihah for being the nurse,
to shair n naim for the x-ray film
and to shaymak n wahdaty for being the sisters haha!
and to otherz! jazakumullah khairan jazak..hee.

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ms dr.nisa-to-be said...

malu la atiq ko puji aku dpn public...
anway, welkam...
my pleasure...(4 da cOat..)

tiq said...

hehee..malu plak..
chillax ah..
meletop kowt..
da btol comey ah weit..=)
aku jd dr. nOname asparagus (dealove bgi)..
ko jd mem kartina.. hehee.

shair said...

from shair n naim...u'r d most welcome..hehe..