muscles of arm? apakah?

huhu...tataw la...mimpi pe ntah ase nk share one of subtopics in Anatomy...muscles of arm...apakah?? erm2..

ceni...arm neyh ada flexor n extensor group. FLEXOR= biceps, coraco-brachialis (superficial=dkt ngn skin) n brachialis (deep=jaoh dr skin..dlm.). EXTENSOR=triceps.. smue muscle neyh are supplied by musculo-cutaneous nerve. tp, de gak ah small lateral part of brachialis - also supplied by a twig from radial nerve. (badan kte kn ada bnyk nerve, ala2 cm wayar or aliran chakra tuu) nk cite yg flexor neyh.

1.BICEPS-Brachii muscle. (ada 2 head, 1 insertion)

-origin: short head: tip of coracoid process in common with coraco-brachialis.
long head: mai dr supra-glenoid tubercle dlm fibrous capsule...descend btween 2 tuberosities then thru bicipital goove.

-insertion: 2 kepala tu bergabung kt lower third of d arm..inserted by:
1.bicipital tendon-kt rough posterior part of radial tuberosity
2.bicipital aponeurosis- arise from medial side of biceps, passes obliquely downward n medially to blend w deep fascia covering flexors of forearm...kt roof of cubital fossa.

-action: powerful supinator (insert kt radial tuberosity)..flexes d elbow ( helping brachialis).. tendon of long head, prevent gliding of d head of humerus (steadies)..biceps contract in flexion of shoulder joint.

2. CORACO-brachialis muscles

-origin: tip of coracoid process in common with short head of biceps

-insertion: into rough impression kt middle of medial border of shaft of humerus

-action: tolong2 lam flexion of shoulder joint + adduction of abducted arm


-origin: lower half of front of the shaft of the humerus (embracing insertion bg deltoid) + lateral n medial intermuscular septa.

-insertion: rough interior surface of coronoid process n ulnar tuberosity...converge from a thick tendon yg descends close to the anterior aspect of d capsule of elbow joint.

action: main flexor of d elbow.

haissz...xm da nk dekat neyh...astaghfirullah...tetapkanlah hati kami pd jalanmu ya Allah.

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fofo said...

BICEPS : Powerful supinator..(of
flexed arm)
Helps flexion

BRACHIALIS : Powerful flexor..


tiq said...

cbe tnye shirousa...
btul kn, shirousa-chan?

shirousa said...

btol3..(gaya ipin..huhu)

Anonymous said...

use ur blog to spread ur knowledge.
a good effort , tiq!
ingatlah ilmu itu umpama air, kalau tak mengalir, akan menjadi tempat pembiakan nyamuk dan bakteria !