amount of blood pumped by
each ventricle per minute
a.k.a my cardiac output is still sufficient.
my heart is still beating..i'm still alive.

It's already the 13th week in year 2010.
by next week, it's already April..huargh!

mggu neyh xm jekk (actually cam kuiz ahh)
physiology: shocked xm cardiovascular
biochemistry: end-course xm
histology: data show xm..

p/s: done..tawakkal ohh~
now, blaja dan tros blaja!

i'm still searching for the right soul,
blaja nk menjadi dewasa seiring usia;
growing up bsme masa...huuu~

being a grown up is rilly a tough thing
to handle, to face..hey, dt's reality..huh.
- conflict is everywhere; no conflict, no life.

oOh..sila ketahuankan diri anda.
it's your attitude uhh..
bukan salah Satan, salah diri yg lemah!
mujahadah oit..!

[Allah's promise] [Satan:fails in his promise]

  • 14:22 And when everything will have been decided, Satan will say: "Behold, God promised you something that was bound to come true! I, too, held out [all manner of] promises to you -but I deceived you. Yet I had no power at all over you *: I but called you-and you responded unto me. Hence, blame not me, but blame yourselves. It is not for me to respond to your cries, nor for you to respond to mine: for, behold, I have [always] refused to admit that there was any truth in your erstwhile belief that I had a share in God's divinity." Verily, for all evildoers there is grievous suffering in store.
  • * In his commentary on this passage, Razi remarks: "This verse shows that the real Satan (ash-shaytan al-asli) is [man's own] complex of desires (an-nafs): for, Satan makes it clear [in the above] that it was only by means of insinuations '(waswasah) that he was able to reach [the sinner's soul]; and had it not been for an already-existing [evil] disposition due to lusts, anger, superstition or fanciful ideas, these [satanic] insinuations would have had no effect whatsoever."(Quran Ref: 14:22 )

    >> moga hati yang pernah suatu ketika jaoh drMu ini kembali kpdMu.
    dan moga Kau tetapkan hati ini pd jlnMu, ya ALLAH..ameen~

    _salam mujahadah buat smue_

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