have you...?

1. Have you ever feel like being left behind and whenever you try to catch up…it’s like you’ll never reach it?

2. Sometimes, you feel like you understand something, but unfortunately…reality says you’re not?

The truth is that…

That’s how I felt when I answered the first quiz for Biochemistry… it’s all messed up, feeling lost the moment I read the question. I just simply answer the question, but I can’t answer it the way I supposed to.. When Ms. Alia, my lecturer said, “time’s up. Submit your paper..” I felt like as if I had just woke up from my worst nightmare! It was like… Oh my God! What I’ve done? I’m ruining marks and my grades?! Huhu

It’s frustrating.


Come to think of it, again…

In other perspective, I mean..

I can conclude that;

· Don’t make assumption that you understand it (the lessons)…

· Be smart in doing your notes.

· Stay focused, stay alert.

Lesson learn.

Wish me good luck!

Never give up...

"Allah test us many ways..for every pain He gave us, there will be something behind it. He knows what's best for you.. So, whenever you're down or feeling that everything's going wrong, it's just His way to keep your spirit strong! whatever happens, always bring yourself back to Allah..."

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