"Life is like trampoline..sometimes you have to be low enough to exert the force so that in the end you'll be higher enough to the top...but, look before you leap and think before you act.."

life. it's simple. live your life. it's not that hard, right?
but stil, if things in life are just as easy as ABC and do re'll lead a dull yet very tedious life..because, if things are easy to get and there's no challenge or adventure to get it..people tend to take it for granted and don't appreaciate it..

i look
i see.. life in INTEC, is getting busier day by day..sometimes I feel down as there's pressure everywhere (we're trying to tone down the rising tense, luckily haha)- assignments, presentations, quizzes, final exam? what's more? say it. huhu.
quitting and failure isn't my option. i am very grateful to have supportive people around me and yet a very conducive environment to study..

i look
i see

life isn't about giving excuses.. things like this is just a beginning for us (pre-medical students)and that's what keeps me going on under the pressure.. things will be tougher everytime you celebrate your birthday (older! haha that's the fact).. those hard times are the experience that will add colours & 'spices' in your life..

there's always room for improvement,
just grab the chance once you have it.

yesterday was a gift,
today is a present,
tomorrow will remain as a mystery..

may tomorrow will be better than today,
today is better than yesterday...

til next post.

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