when night comes
i gaze upon the star
without knowing it
tears drop on my window pane
indeed, silence speaks best!

one should aim high,
think positive and
be optimistic but life.
people get wt they deserved, rite?

life is hard, for it's a reality
and not a fantasy!
when troubles find you,
ask no one but Him,
seek no one but Him.
He misses our voice.
His servants.

i just hope and pray that
He will grant us knowledge and wisdom
as well as strength; a stronger back.
so that we could get thru the days.

when silence speaks,
i try to listen, i try to hear,
wts being said between your heart n mine.
hope dt i can reach you somehow thru dz silence.
i need you. i miss you. arghhh.

but i noe, ALLAH is always there.
He is d best care-taker ever.
so, even when silence speaks,
i noe dt you're not alone.
coz you owez have Him on your side.
even when i'm gone.

p/s: a special post for you, my best friends: nyz, onie, shath, k.chik, jatt, wajj and many more! hey, miss u guys uhh! oO..may ALLAH bless, ameen~ sy rindu anda, shbt!


i'm sorry
for i'm away from you,
to cheer you up
to wipe away your tears
to listen to you ;to be with you.
but, believe me..
you're my friends, the best one.
here and thereafter, insyaALLAH.
and bear in mind dt ALLAH is always there for you.

nyz, onie, shath, k.chik syyid, jatt n otherz...syg korg!
ingat2 la kt aku lam doamu~ aku na jd baek gak neyh, insyaALLAH. huhu.
doakn aku tabah ea!

kanak2 Kasr el-Ainy, kanak2 mansoura, tanta, alex & kanak2 JUST!
selamat final exam! pulun uhh pulun~ :)

kanak2 kt mesia, doakn ktorg!
All d best korg, t na dftar masok IPTA/IPTS!
yg ngah blaja da tuu, all d best gakk! hee~

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ms dr.nisa-to-be said...

i like
gud luck atiq :)

tiq said...

syukran ya habibty! :)
gud luck to you too!
sme2 mndoakn, sme2 bjuang ea!

Shathirah said...

i'm touched tiq!
thnx so0o0 much
jazakillah kher ;)
ameeen ya rabb likulli dua3!
good luck to u too :-*

tiq said...

my pleasure dear,
dun mention it.. :)
ameen ya rabb~ syukran!
gnbtte kudasai!
rindoO kamoO!