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they said: 
the fastest way to receive love is to give (give and take eyh). the easiest way to lose love is to hold it tightly and yet the best way to keep love is by giving it WINGS. hey, why wings? i wonder..a symbol for freedom eyh? logically, yes. wings=freedom=bebas=suka hati pegi mana=absence? and absence makes the heart grow fonder right? hurmm...yes..yes. so it's the best way to keep love, setuju?
.'. give some space. yeah. space. 

i weep - to have what i fear to lose.
it's just like once you get hurt, you're so scared to get attached again what-so-ever. like you have this fear that every person you start to like or know is going to break your heart. in a split second, you can lose anything, even your loved ones. appreciate them while they're still alive. but still, in a journey called 'life' not all (people) are going to stay. it's normal if you weep to have what you fear to lose sebab if the thought of losing him/her, them (yang penting dalam hidup kau, yang kau nak dalam hidup kau) is not there - you won't feel anything..nothing.
.'.  appreciate him/her, them.

friends - best friends.
they know your weaknesses, but show your strengths and listen to what you don't say. they know things without you mention it. they know because they care. yeah. care. it's not what i feel for you, but what i don't feel for anyone else but you, dear. i do - care for you, i do - love you. there's so many things that i want to share with you, but i don't know how. i'm grateful enough for having such wonderful friends in my life (they colors my life). take a very good care of your self - please. sayang kamu!
.'. in a way, best friends are your reflection. 

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